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Paradise Found

Seafood Masala from Kerala

All about making your seafood sing, this recipe is really and truly wondrous. Perfect for a barbeque but oh-so-easy to prepare at home and just bung on a griddle, Mona Farrugia thinks this is a seriously impressive dish.

Seafood Masala from Kerala


Main Ingredient Seafood
Preparation Time 30 minutes
Cooking Time Less than 30 mins
Course Main
Recipe Serves 4
Recipe Type Southern Indian
‘Masala’, from various Indian languages – and there are many – means ‘spice mix’. Ergo, Kerala Masala is a mix of spices typical of the southern state of Kerala, with which I am quite madly in love.
Since it is a mix, it is very personal. In fact, at the Kumarakom Lake Resort, the chef on the rice-barge (yes, their rice-barge comes with a personal chef: my idea of heaven) and the sous chef from the main kitchen, gave me very different recipes.
Whether it is because that trip on the boat offered freshly caught, freshly cooked seafood, or because food eaten like this, with our feet out on the deck and our butt plonked firmly on some colonial loungers, is always a more amazing experience, I prefer it.
Moreover, it is so easy to prepare that Chef could make it far away from a superbly-equipped kitchen. In other words, it’s a doddle and really puts paid to the idea that ‘Indian’ food (if, considering the continent is huge, there is such a thing) is complicated.
Ginger-Garlic paste is nothing but pulped fresh root ginger and garlic, in equal amounts: I like to make quite a lot at one go and freeze it
2 teaspoons coriander powder. 2 teaspoons ground turmeric. 2 teaspoons of super hot chillies, chopped tiny, or, if using chilli powder, use around 3 teaspoons. 2 heaped teaspoons of ginger-garlic paste. Salt and fresh pepper Any seafood you like, including lampuki, lobster, prawns and even steak fish. I use two 750g lampuki (mahi-mahi) for 4 people

Mix all the masala ingredients together and smear on to your seafood.

Place under a hot grill, on a cast-iron griddle or even on a barbeque until the masala has almost blackened.

Shopping Tips
Buy fresh: my favourite supplier is Rita in Marsaxlokk.


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