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Salmon in Black Sesame and Sea Salt

Such a beautiful recipe for two reasons: it takes less than fifteen minutes to produce, salmon is choc-full of Omega 3 oils and high in protein and the simplicity of execution really makes best use of beautiful and fresh ingredients. Mona Farrugia never could count, but she can turn out a good dish.

Salmon in Black Sesame and Sea Salt


Main Ingredient Salmon
Preparation Time Up to 15 mins: Quick
Cooking Time 10 mins
Course Main: fish
Recipe Serves 2
Recipe Type Fish
When I am out of Malta, I love buying food and ingredients to bring back with me. In fact, I have sneaked in so much produce that every time I go through customs I pray that we never become like Australia or New Zealand. If I had tried to take the black sesame seeds I bought from Sri Lanka through those countries, I would be writing this recipe from prison.
The most commonly found sesame seeds are going to be hulled, and therefore creamy in colour, rather than black. Their flavour is less nutty and therefore, you may need to use less salt. If you manage to find the unhulled seeds, treasure them.

Although I have not tried it myself yet, I am positive this recipe would be equally fantastic with filleted lampuki (mahi mahi)

Preheat the grill to maximum for around 15 minutes

Prepare an oven dish by painting a smear of olive oil all over


You need:

1 piece of salmon per person

then, for each portion:

1 tablespoon of black, unhulled sesame seeds

1/2 tablespoon of natural sea salt


Prepare a large flat plate.  On this plate, place the seeds and the salt. Mix with your fingers.

Press each side of the salmon on the seeds and salt, until you have a very simple crust.

Place the crusted salmon in the oven dish and pop under the grill for 3 minutes.

Turn the salmon to bake on the other side.


Shopping Tips
When you are in Asia, India or anywhere in that region, buy as many spices and raw ingredients as you possibly can. And share: there is nothing lovelier than the gift of food.


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