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Chocolate Whisky and Prune Cake

This cake takes the idea of 'healthy' food and turns it on its head. We use spelt instead of wheat flour to keep it low-carb. It has 425g of chocolate, but it's all dark. And if you are constipated, the prunes help. Damn, Mona Farrugia thinks we should drench it in whisky to celebrate.

Chocolate Whisky and Prune Cake
Chocolate Whisky and Prune Cake
Chocolate Whisky and Prune Cake
Chocolate Whisky and Prune Cake
Chocolate Whisky and Prune Cake


Main Ingredient chocolate
Preparation Time 45 mins
Cooking Time 40 mins
Course Dessert
Recipe Serves 10
Recipe Type Cake
This cake is much heavier, much creamier, much more of a muchness than the Low-Carb Chocolate Cake, but that's because it is completely different and of course, has a lot more carbs than the actual Low-Carb Cake. Spelt is somewhere between a grain and a grass, so it is much gentler on the body than wheat. Prunes are concentrated sugar, but the very good kind. And dark chocolate has almost no sugar except some which occurs naturally.
When I say 'dark' chocolate, I mean anything over 70%. Bournville isn't. If you are using sugar instead of Tagatesse (obviously making this high-carb, rather than low-carb) use 300g of caster sugar

Preheat the oven to 190C

You need:

100 grams prunes

150ml whisky

Soak the prunes overnight in the whisky


425g dark chocolate

6 tablespoons of water

250 unsalted butter, cut into cubes and popped back in the fridge

6 eggs, separated

200 grams Tagatesse

300g ground almonds

9 tablespoons wholewheat spelt

A pinch cream of tartar



Using a bain marie (as per the picture), cut the chocolate into cubes, add the water and melt.  The trick is to keep the water away from the base of your melting bowl. Otherwise your chocolate will burn.

Take it off the heat and chuck the butter cubes in. They will start to melt immediately. Continue mixing until you have a clear mix.

Beat the egg yolks with the Tagatesse in a mixer, a Kenwood with a whisk, or a food processor: you need to end up with a very creamy mix.

Add the almonds and the spelt.

Now amalgamate the chocolate mix to the creamy one.

Whisk the egg whites with the cream of tartar. Remember that your whites should be at room temperature and the bowl superbly clean so that your whites rise and stiffen quickly and well. Continue whisking until you have a very stiff mix.

Now start the mixing process. Add a heaped spoonful of the egg white mixture to the chocolate and egg yolk one. Continue to add and mix lightly until you have incorporated all.  The egg-white mix is what will give height and lightness to your cake.

Pour the mix into either a paper case which you use to line a 23cm tin, or into a normally-lined 23cm tin.  It is very important to note that when you insert a tootpick to check if the cake is done, it will come out wet because of the prunes, so I suggest you wait until 20 minutes have passed and check the cake by pressing your finger pads against the top. If it is firm, it is done.  It should take between 20 and 30 minutes to be ready.

Take it out of the oven and let it cool, in the tin, for 30 minutes.

Then place it on a rack to continue cooling further.

Serve with low carb vanilla ice-cream or a dollop of double cream.

Shopping Tips
Spelt flour is available from Good Earth but the Naturali shop at Smart Supermarket in B'Kara has the wholewheat kind.
Tagatesse is available from some supermarkets and chemists: it is a heat and cold-stable sugar substitute.


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Mona Farrugia
November 06, 2010
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Mona Farrugia
November 07, 2010
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I'm so mortified!
I left those ingredients out while I was cooking (and writing the recipe). No wonder my cake was so weirdly light!
I tried to post a reply to you the moment I saw this yesterday from my iPhone but the darned thing apparently did not work.
I'm going to try to make the cake again and fix the recipe.
Thanks for pointing it out

November 06, 2010
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hello, i'm giving this cake a try this evening and i have all the ingredients in hand (Just FYI spelt can be found also @ GS Naxxar and at the health food shop outside smart if you're coming through the entrance on naxxar road)..
i'm still a novice in cake making and i'm abit lost. I need your direction to the following steps:
1. What do i do with the almonds, spelt & water?
2. At which point are they included in this mix?
3. How should i include the prunes (do i add them to the mix together with the whisk?)
3. When do i add the prunes to the mix?

keep up the great reviews - i love it!


charlotte schembri
October 04, 2010
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Hi Mona,

Can spelt be subsituted with something else?

Mona's reply

Hi Charlotte
Yes you can use flour - even wholewheat - but I cannot guarantee the same texture if you do.

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