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Paradise Found

Mona Farrugia's Foie Gras with Caramelised Fruits

Wondering how to cook the foie gras you just purchased from Zammeats? It's so simple. Mona Farrugia produces the classical recipe, inspired by a wonderful meal at Jacques Cagna in Paris.

Mona Farrugia's Foie Gras with Caramelised Fruits


Main Ingredient Goose Liver
Preparation Time Up to 15 mins: Quick
Cooking Time 10 mins
Course Starter
Recipe Serves 2
Recipe Type Classical French
I recently found the notes I had taken while eating at Jacques Cagna's eponymous restaurant in Paris. As with all stupendous meals in life, the memories were almost - almost! - as good as the real thing. Short of having the great man himself cook for you, this is how to cook foie gras yourself.
This recipe serves 2 as a starter, but 4 as a pre-starter as part of a heavy meal

175 grams foie gras

30 grams salted butter

4 tablespoons soft brown sugar

half a cup of Marsala or sweet Sherry, plus another 1/2 cup

1 apple, cored and cut into 12 sections

A handful of other fruit, including, should you like, seedless grapes, peach, nectarine and so on, trimmed of seeds and stones

1 cup of mild red wine

1 cup of blueberries or redcurrants (frozen is fine)


Freshly ground pepper

Flour for dusting



1. Take the liver and slice it slightly sideways into bias cuts. Place in the fridge, covered with cling film.

2. To prepare the fruits: Heat the butter on a low heat, add the sugar and cook until they are caramelised (literally, like caramel, melting together and golden brown).

3. Place a plan over a high heat and pour in the Marsala, cooking it until it is reduced a little.

4. Add all the fruits except the berries and caramelise these too.  Place in a warm place (such as a switched off oven). Place your serving plates in the same warm place.

5. In another shallow pan, reduce the red wine on high heat, adding the berries. Season them with salt and pepper.Switch off the heat.

6. Season the liver with pepper (no salt just now as it will draw out all the water). Dip the liver into the flour, shake off all excess, and saute quickly over a high heat: one minute on each side should be enough.

7.  Now plate them:  place the fruits on the side of the warmed plate. Spoon the berry sauce around them. Place the liver slices on part on the fruits, the rest on the plate.

8. Serve immediately to a grand round of applause.

Shopping Tips
Foie gras is goose liver, available in winter from Zammeats' Delicatessen at Arkadia in St. Julians.


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