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Paradise Found

Mona Farrugia's Prawn Cocktail

Mona Farrugia brings the 70's and bad-menu stalwart kicking and screaming into the new year: this is what the real thing tastes like.

Mona Farrugia's Prawn Cocktail


Main Ingredient Prawn
Preparation Time 5-15 minutes
Cooking Time No cooking required
Course Starter
Recipe Serves 4
Recipe Type Salad

You need:

1 heart (only inner, very crisp leaves) of gem lettuce

1 cucumber, around 6 inches long, diced

4 tablespoons of mayonnaise

2 tablespoons tomato ketchup

Tabasco: you only need a shake of the bottle, but make sure your bottle has not been there since 1978

250g peeled prawns, preferably sekondi (see note)

1 lemon

A pink of paprika to decorate and lift


Now all you need to do is bring them all together in a pretty glass. I like to use whisky tumblers

1. Shred the lettuce leaves and pile them into the glasses

2. Add the cucumber

3. Mix the mayonnaise and tomato ketchup into the infamous Mary Rose sauce - yes that pink thing - and some Tabasco

4. Squeeze in the lemon juice, toss it all with the prawns

5. Place the prawns on top of the lettuce and cucumber and top with the sauce, then sprinkle the paprika on top

6. Decorate your glass with a wedge of lemon on the side of the glass.

7. Put your medallion on and open your shirt a little.

Shopping Tips
I buy most of my fish from the infamous Rita in Marsaxlokk: she always has brilliantly fresh prawns. Ideally for this you'd get 'sekondi', which are the second largest available.

For me, there is only one mayonnaise, or rather two. The one I make myself or Hellman's.


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December 27, 2010
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I like the subtle colours and simple taste of the prawn salad, however the use of Tabasco is news to me. Must give it a punch.

Paul Cave
December 26, 2010
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I like a bit of tang in my sauce so substitute Salad Cream (Heinz, of course) for Mayonnaise. Equal quantities SC and TK; salt and white pepper to taste. Hearts of Romaine works well instead of Little Gems, too.

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