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Mona Farrugia's Low Carb Chocolate and Raspberry Cake

Mona Farrugia knows for a fact that following a low-carb lifestyle does not mean giving up the good things in life. This gorgeous Chocolate Cake is ample proof.

Mona Farrugia's Low Carb Chocolate and Raspberry Cake


Main Ingredient chocolate
Preparation Time 45 mins
Cooking Time 1 hour
Course Cake
Recipe Serves 8
Recipe Type Low-carbCake
Once past your two-week induction period, if you have kicked off your low-carb lifestyle, you will be looking for a treat. This one fits the bill without messing anything up.

Not all chocolate is chocolate. Most, in fact, is just a lot of sugar and cocoa butter, which is why when people say they 'love chocolate' or are 'addicted to chocolate' that usually means they are addicted to sugar.

Good chocolate is the real thing, packed with nutrients and as untouched by huge commercial arms as possible. This cake is living proof that you can enjoy it, with loads of luscious cream and punchy raspberries thrown in, even if you need to lose weight.

You need:

•    a 20cm tin, loose bottomed, oiled and lined in oven paper. Otherwise use shaped paper liners.
•    Preheat the oven to 190C/gas 5

150g very dark chocolate (from 85 to 100% cocoa), broken up
150g unsalted butter
6 tablespoons heat- and cold-stable sugar substitute
1 tablespoon honey

4 eggs, separated
200 grams pure ground almonds

75 ml fresh cream

500ml fresh  or double cream or a mix of both

A punnet of fresh raspberries



  1. Start by whisking the egg whites in a machine.  I use my Kenwood.  When their volume has become huge and their texture stiff, I switch it off.
  2. While the egg whites are whisking, put the chocolate, butter, sugar substitute and honey in a pan over a very low heat and stir until everything has melted and incorporated.
  3. Then take them out of the pan and pour them into a large bowl. Leave them to cool a little.
  4. When they have, pour in the egg yolks and beat gently with a balloon whisk.  Then add the cream and the almonds until you have a semi-runny paste.
  5. Start your machine again on a very low speed and add the chocolate mix into the egg whites spoon by spoon while whisking.
  6. The resultant mix should be glossy and airy and a very rich dark brown.
  7. When it has cooled, slice it across in three
  8. Should you like, you can also make a nice cup of espresso and pour it into the cake while it’s still hot.  In this case, the low-carb ice-cream on the side would be fabulous.
  9. I prefer this method though: whisk your double and fresh cream until they are airy and light and semi-stiff and layer the cake with them, placing raspberries in the mix as you go along, leaving some nice ones for the top. Fabulous.
  10. Decorate with some mint leaves#

Serve with this amazing Low-Carb Vanilla Ice-Cream by Mona Farrugia



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Mona Farrugia
February 15, 2011
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The recipe for the ice-cream is here:
Heat and cold stable sweetener: usually at the chemist's
Hope this helps!

Melissa Mifsud
February 15, 2011
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Where do you get the heat- and cold-stable sugar substitute from? And I haven't seen the low-carb ice-cream anywhere!

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