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Saturday, May 23rd


Restaurants Malta - Paradise Found

Paradise Found
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Trainspotting: The Mula Edition

Following its second anniversary, Rupert Camenzuli pays tribute to (arguably) the greatest Maltese song ever written.

The Complete Tourist Summer Guide for Malta

Rupert Camenzuli takes it upon himself to provide tourists visiting the island with 10 vital tips for survival.

No Excuses: The Playstation Revolutionaries

The last thing Marlene Vella expected to find upon her return from her annual Malta holiday were riots in her...
Why some men have such a small penis (and newspapers publish tripe)
Mona Farrugia struggles to undo the huge padlock The Writer has left her locked in to write to Mister George Zammit tat tajms
What is Pornography? Can you keep a zejza at home? And other salient questions
In the wake of Cyrus Engerer being, erm, investigated, for, erm, 'holding' pornography, or woqeva, here it is: the information you've been waiting for.
Media, business and a sickeningly true story
Have you been following the phone-hacking News of the World story? If you have not, maybe you should.
Arriva: here's a friendly word of warning from a happy bus user
Mona Farrugia finally gets on that bus...or buses. After a trip around the south of the island she has a few words of warning for Arriva.
Arriva non Arriva
Mona Farrugia is waiting on the bus stop. And waiting. And waiting some more...
Click Click Kill!
Mona Farrugia thinks that the ridiculous quantity of public outpouring of 'love' towards a dog nobody knew is just a manifestation of a detached nation that doesn't have the guts...
Dear Government MPs: Where's the 'honour' in 'honoraria'?
Some MPs attend 99% of parliamentary sittings and still have time left over to take chummy pics with Brangelina. Most do not, however, and yet they have awarded themselves a...
Public Execution...or Simply Eradicating Omerta'?
"This is not about torturing the monster who killed these dogs, nor is it about executing him, or locking him up in jail for life. This should be about finding...
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
TCM, so moved by the current outpouring of maudlin sentimentality, writes a lullaby to Star, The Dog Who Lived. And Then Died. Star, this one's for you...
Thinking of investing? Don't bother.
Mona Farrugia has done her tour of Malta's capital, Valletta and all she sees are empty shops and the same bunch of politicos lunching on our money.
Dear Baby Jesus Fanciers of the World
Someone owns up to stealing Jesus.  This Charming Man loses all hope.
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