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Dear Maltese Radio Stations

The whole Automotive review shebang is taking longer than expected to set up, so in the meantime TCM seeks other...

X'ahna romuntik hi! U naqra pornish ukoll.

Mona Farrugia wishes to submit her own photo for the Westin 'romantic' competition.

Censorship? We need to edit it out

Liz Groves, bookshop owner, tea drinker and menthol cigarette smoker, shares her random thoughts with the readers of planetmona about...
Junkies? Yes, beaten up by a heroine.
Mona Farrugia is in full support of a local heroine who stood up to her junkie robbers by beating them up.
Dear Parents-to-be
This Charming Man attempts to save a future generation.
Dear Mr. God Person
This Charming Man writes an impassioned letter to the Creator. Pitchforks and flaming torches for everyone! Roll up, roll up...
Malta's Restaurant Review Website is Giving Away a Top Notch Holiday in Italy
Mona Farrugia updates the readers of Malta's restaurant review website with some fabulous news, including giving away flights to Italy with Air Malta and accommodation at one of the most...
Dear Happy Couple.
Another week, another wedding. TCM has got it sussed.
No Living TV and no Comedy Channel: That ain't funny
Mona Farrugia has just found out that the Comedy Channel and Living TV will no longer be transmitted in Malta. She asks what the point of Cable TV will be....
A Few Minutes of Self-Promotion for Malta 'Celebrities'
  Yeah yeah fine: you love animals. You don't love zoos. You also love a bit of self-promotion don't you?  Mona Farrugia calms herself down by stroking her cat.
Dear Word Paperclip
One thesis lost. One eternal enmity gained. This Charming Man is charming no longer.
Packing my bags
Industry Insider is making up his plans for the coming year. Is coming back to work in a restaurant in Malta one of them?
The Luck of the Irish
As Europe looks on, the Celtic Tiger dies an untimely death; Margerita Pulè offers an insight and thanks the Lord she lives in Malta. As Europe looks on, the Celtic Tiger...
Milk and Bon Bons
There are matters which are not usually considered appropriate in educated society. Industry Insider deals with breast feeding Mr. Baby in an open restaurant. Or, rather, Soviette does.
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