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Thursday, Apr 24th


Restaurants Malta - Paradise Found

Paradise Found

Dear Politicians (of all colours)

How'd you like them apples?

Dear Politicians (of all colours)

Dear Politicians of all colours,

We gave you a mandate to debate and decide complicated, technical and thorny issues on our behalf.

Please do not insult us by saying you’d rather not decide and pass the buck back to us. Are you planning on giving your MP salary and assorted perks back to us, too?

Thought not.

Kindly rearrange the following to construct a popular and apt phrase:

1.      pair,

2.      grow,

3.      a.

Thanking you,

The Electorate

This Charming Man is a reluctant legal professional, an ex-professional soldier, ex-waiter, ex-deli sandwich maker, ex-expat, ex-boyfriend, ex-pretty-much-everything-else-under-the-sun and generally ex-hausted. Some also say, a slightly unhinged cantankerous moaner. Wait. This is Planet...err...moaner, right?

Every week he publishes a letter on .  Planetmona is Malta's food, travel and review website, edited by Mona Farrugia.  If you're looking for a restaurant in Malta, this is where you should be.


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This Charming Man
February 17, 2011
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And these are the people who will be deciding whether or not you are legally entitled to a fresh start:

It's enough to make you turn to the bottle.

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