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Paradise Found

ALPA: This is what we want

Following a leak of the Ernst and Young report to The Sunday Times the Airline Pilots Association has issued a threat of industrial action. This, says president Dominic Azzopardi, is what they want.

ALPA: This is what we want

The leak of a supposedly confidential Ernst and Young report to The Sunday Times of the 26th June 2011 shocked the staff of Air Malta, most of who have been on tenterhooks for months not knowing what is coming at them, to the core. We spoke to Dominic Azzopardi this morning and asked him, in a nutshell, to tell everybody what the Airline Pilots Association is asking for and why it was threatening industrial action if these demands are not met. These are ALPA's requests:

  1. MIA must issue a 3 year moratorium on charges
  2. All Executive level management up must leave
  3. Cargo charges need to be revised and contracts should reflect what agents are selling it at
  4. The Air Malta website needs a complete revamp NOW and must include cargo bookings
  5. Courier contracts need to be re-written to reflect the financial reality
  6. A revision of all contracts pertaining to aircraft lease
  7. A revision and rewriting of all major contracts which have been sinking the company for years
  8. Pilots must be involved in the top management of the company: we have many members whose knowledge goes over and beyond flying planes
  9. Top management needs to be fully loyal to the good of the company not to private interests
  10. We know why and how confidential information we have had no access to is being leaked. We shall react accordingly.



Following a leak of the Ernst and Young report to The Sunday Times of this morning, Air Malta issued a press release at 12.30pm

Air Malta today rebutted and clarified a report carried on the front page of the Sunday Times that gave details of the restructuring plan prepared by consultants, Ernst and Young. The report included a breakdown, section by section, of the expected job losses at the airline.


In a statement the airline said that the leaked report refers to an earlier draft of the plan and is not the finalised version sent to the European Commission. The final report contains amendments that were not reflected in the article and do not mirror the current thinking on the way forward.


The airline added that the newspaper misquoted the leaked draft report that said that 190 loaders were going to loose their job. The figure, carried in the leaked report, actually refers to the whole ground operations division.



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June 29, 2011
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What happened to Air Malta, did not happen overnight.
It has been going on for years and all of those managing are responsible for the pitiful state of this Malta Flagship: from top to bottom, namely those senior Staff employed with AirMalta, the Board of Directors, appointed to oversee the Top Management and to give directions, the Ministers under whose portofolio Air Malta was supposedly the responsibility, and all of Government and MPS who are responsible to oversee the appointed Ministers.
Alpa may think it is capable of running the Airline. I do not think they would do worst than all of those mentioned above.
The question that I always ask, when faced with this result, is whether the management that was responsible, would have allowed this situation, had it been their own funds being wasted, milked away and distributed to the CHOSEN ONES.
Was what happened a question of robbing Peter to give to Paul?
Would MIA have been the success it boasts about, had it not milked Air Malta to its bones? Was MIA a partition of Air Malta,or one of the nails in the coffin of Air Malta? It was a Brilliant idea to create a new company owned by the very few with guaranteed income.
Whey were, and still are, agreements with Main Contractors which have bled Air Malta not being reviewed?
The first actions being taken is to axe the heads of the employees and send them out into the desert, maybe they can survive with whatever water them may find.
Why not axe all of the Contractors and start afresh? Would axing all of the Contractors hit the CHOSEN ONES, who should be viled for even entering into such an agreement with these same Contractors?
Why was no one looking at other Airlines, like Ryanair, to find out how these Airlines operate at minimal charges? Or is there no one, even intelligent enough of understanding what is happening around him?
The new guidelines to be introduced mention introduction of additional charges to bring in Millions.
This is a farcical situation, when LOW COST AIRLINES are taking over the Industry.
Low cost includes lowering your cost to the clients, not just reducing your direct cost and overheads.
History has proven that whatever is run by Government has only one direction: a very near ending - Sea Malta, Malta Drydocks, etc.
The alternative would be to pass the buck on to the client ,like EneMalta, by increasing charges, so long as the client can afford to pay. One simple example -Government had swapped bulbs with energy savers for its clients and not to waste the bulbs,plugged them at Ghadira Bay, along its promenade,not just for the summer,but even for Winter.
Who cares? The man in the street pays for all this inefficiency and waste.
With AirMalta, the situation is different. The Client has a choice.
So unless Air Malta changes its whole Structure and is not run by politicians and their CHOSEN ONES, its days can be counted.

Manny Borg
June 28, 2011
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So alpa want to take over air Malta? If those are there conditions they are being arrogant. Reminds me of the pilots of Ali italia before it was declared bankrupt by the italian government it had the same problems air Malta had and that is to high a payroll and direct competition from low cost airlines.

Air Malta has 1 shot at surviving because subsidies can only be given once and if the pilots want to have a job in 2 years time (that's how long it will last with the current loss rate) they better accept that the time for demanding has finished and pull the burden or they will be joining the other pilots of overstaffed national airlines that went bust. 1 question to alpa pilots what are the current conditions of Ali italia pilots compared to when they where government owned ?

June 26, 2011
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So why isn't this article in the Times and why doesn't the airline sue them to hell

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