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Tuesday, Apr 21st


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Paradise Found
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The Value of Everything and the Cost of Nothing: Mozambique

It takes Mona Farrugia four commercial flights and a private one, a ride in the back of an open pick-up...

A Dessert of a City: Mona Farrugia's Guide to Dubai

It’s say hello, wave Dubai for Mona Farrugia.

Sicily: How to do it without throwing up by Mona Farrugia

Now is the time to dash off to Sicily for a brilliant runaround in a nice car on their nice...
All Aboard the Day and Night Train


Town Cape Town
Mona Farrugia and The Writer spend three days making believe they were in the beautiful chic thirties on board the whimsical Rovos Train in South Africa. Orient Express eat your...
ALPA: This is what we want
Following a leak of the Ernst and Young report to The Sunday Times the Airline Pilots Association has issued a threat of industrial action. This, says president Dominic Azzopardi, is...
The Leopard Sleeps Tonight


Town Yala
Mona Farrugia flicks off her Louboutins and dons some safari gear as she sets out to find her leopard at Yala National Park
Shopping in Sri Lanka


Town Galle
Shopping in Sri Lanka is anything but easy, says Mona Farrugia, but the little bit that exists is surely worth the slog
Sri Lanka gets under my Skin


Town Galle
Mona Farrugia thought she had become a hardened traveller, not excited or enthralled by much, until she found Sri Lanka creeping softly under her skin. Now she wants to emigrate.
The Guide to Sri Lanka by Mona Farrugia


Town Galle
Mona Farrugia goes to Sri Lanka and brings back ecstatic memories and a practical guide. Read on and see if this could also be your cup of tea.
Air Malta appoints Chief Restructuring Officer
This is an official Air Malta press release. We are not adding a thing to it: you are intelligent enough to add your own. Be our guests.
Mona Farrugia's Maldives Blog


Town Male
Mona Farrugia needs to get out of the island so she hops off to a few more. In the Maldives. As one does.
Air Malta Referendum Tickets


Town Valletta
Finally - instructions on buying tickets for the Divorce Referendum
A long weekend in Cyprus - Mona Farrugia's Diary


Town Nicosia
Mona Farrugia and The Writer shoot off to Cyprus on a long weekend: it's cheap, it's yummy and the country turns out to be surprisingly lovely.
City Guide to Galle by Mona Farrugia
Travel writer Mona Farrugia walks around Galle and finds an odd mix of old, new and timeless
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