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Paradise Found
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Air Malta appoints Chief Restructuring Officer

This is an official Air Malta press release. We are not adding a thing to it: you are intelligent enough...

Air Malta Referendum Tickets

Finally - instructions on buying tickets for the Divorce Referendum

Air Malta flights and news: Malta-Tripoli-Malta

The latest flight information from Tripoli to Malta and updates on Maltese stranded in Libya.
Air Malta Captains become Heroes of the Revolution
Mona Farrugia lauds the Air Malta captains and crew who are bringing our compatriots home from Libya. [Adds official Air Malta statement about flight KM 697]
Air Malta confirms mass shedding of workers
Sympathies from the team at are extended to the Air Malta workers getting the boot.
An Open Letter of Thanks to AirMalta
As Europe caves in under snow and ice, Isabelle Vella Gregory, Maltese but living in England, writes an open letter of heartfelt thanks to the airline that brought her home...
A PhD in Hdura: Air Malta staff start to bite each other's faces
Divide and Conquer may be a Macchiavellian term but the reason it is still employed in work-practices is because the staff do it themselves. Mona Farrugia wishes some people at...
And thank god for that: AirMalta changes Milan airport to Linate
Any decision that puts paid to flights to one of the worst-organised airports in the world - Malpensa - is great, says Mona Farrugia, as AirMalta announce an airport change...
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