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Thursday, Apr 24th


Restaurants Malta - Paradise Found

Paradise Found
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The Rome Shopping Highlights by Mona Farrugia

Rome is not that fabulous when it comes to shopping. Travel writer and recovering shopaholic Mona Farrugia manages to find...

Hold Me, Buy Me, Kiss Me, Buy Me

Margerita Pulè finds herself in the best flea-market in the universe, ever. And she’s got a soundtrack to match.


Mona Farrugia goes on the hunt for elusive American notepads and ends up buying pairs of Repetto ballet pumps instead....
Buy your cheap flight and go shopping: Fidenza Village
Having saved a bit of dosh on her flights, Mona went wild on discounted designer wear, all this season, all stupendously marked down. TW didn't mind either. Now that's a...
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