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Paradise Found

Vacancy: Cupcake Queens

Do you want to work in food but have no intention slaving in some hotel kitchen chopping onions? Do you love people, prettiness, writing and have a good idea of blogging and, well, cupcakes? Read on.

Vacancy: Cupcake Queens

This is somebody's dream job so please make sure you pass it on to all those friends who are currently slaving away in some boring office job dreaming of the day when all they do is pipe cream cheese:

We are currently looking for Cupcake Queens (or maybe one Cupcake Queen and a few Princesses) who will be doing the following:

  • Supervising food quality - cupcakes and other yummy things

  • Finishing and decorating cupcakes

  • Supervising cafeteria operations

  • Making people feel happy

  • Delivering and supervising delivery operations around Malta

We are calling you a Cupcake Queen but you will be doing so much more than royal duties. Also, you don't need to be a girl. We love boys too!

These are the qualities we are looking for:

  • You need to be super organised and focused

  • A love of vintage, dressing up, general frippery and an innate sense of style and individuality

  • You need to be a happy person

  • You need to be one of those people who has been to the ITS, hated it, couldn't wait to get out but now have the basic food skills we require

  • If you have not been to the ITS then you are definitely the Queen in your parents' or your kitchen, always on the go trying out new things

  • You need to be instinctually loyal and enthusiastic

  • We need a very good standard of English, both spoken and written and are also looking for Russian or Ukranian speakers

  • Experience in online marketing - facebook, twitter and general internet nous

  • You need a clean driving license - if you come with your own cute car we'll love you even more

  • If you have food (or other) blogging experience you will more definitely be earning more brownie points

  • You also absolutely need to have a sense of humour and a bloody good one too. Read this article and if you don't 'get' it then don't bother.

For this weird and wonderful job we are offering a top-dollar salary commensurate with your experience and expertise. And when we say top dollar we mean the kind that gives our accountants a heart attack and makes them wave their index finger at us.

Have you ticked all the boxes? Well, that's the last time you'll be doing it as we're about everything but ticking boxes. We're about fun and the nice things in life.

Send us your CV - or a presentation, or pictures or however you feel you should express yourself - remembering that this is not a bank so we don't expect you to behave like that.

Please ensure you read all of this and follow the procedure when sending in your application.

  1. This is a full-time position

  2. You cannot work from home if you are 'supervising cafeteria operations' and 'delivering'

  3. If the position calls for 'sending in a presentation' then do. Others are, so you have to ask yourself 'do I really want this?' and act accordingly.

  4. The position is in Malta and in different areas of the island, starting with the centre.

Our e-mail is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We're looking forward to getting to know you.

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